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Snow Day

Snow Day Policies & Procedures



Date:  September 15th, 2023

To:  Parents/Guardians/Staff

From:  John Weigel, Interim Superintendent

SUBJECT:  School Closure due to unsafe weather conditions

Please be advised that all school cancellations will be broadcasted out prior to 5:00am.  Notification methods will be made by the district’s auto dialer/email system, posted on the district website, messaged out using Facebook and notification to KYCN Radio Station. 

The decision to cancel school will be made focusing on staff and student safety.  Parent/Guardians/Staff can always make their own decision in terms of having their son/daughter/self-staying home during inclement weather conditions.  My preference is to make the decision as early as possible to give parents enough time to make needed arrangements with their child being home for the day.  Sometimes this means a decision can be made the night before a weather event.  Again, safety will be the priority in terms of making the decision to cancel school. 

The decision to close school is not taken lightly.  Closure decisions are based on a variety of factors including reports from the National Weather Service, WYDOT closures and webcams,  and first-hand accounts from the district staff/board who will be reporting to me on road and weather conditions. 

Weather is one of the challenges that make Wyoming a unique and wonderful place to live.  When roads are open and passable, our school buildings will be open to serve your children.  Please make the best and safest decision for your family and yourself when it comes to weather travel this year. 


John Weigel



Policy GCBD: Professional Staff Leave and Absences


Make-up days


The current Wyoming State Statute on school calendars states:

Wyoming State Statute

21‑4‑301.  Schools to be free and accessible to all children; minimum school year.

Each school district shall operate its schools and its classes for a minimum of one hundred seventy‑five (175) days each school year unless an alternative schedule has been approved by the state board.  Prior to submission of a proposed alternative schedule to the state board, the board of trustees shall hold at least two (2) advertised public meetings within the district, at which the board shall present the proposed alternative schedule and respond to public questions and comments.  Any school district operating under an alternative schedule shall annually evaluate the effectiveness of that schedule in meeting the educational goals and purposes for which the schedule was adopted.

Chapter 22 of WDE ‘WY Rules and Regulations’


Section 4. Definitions.

(a) “Alternative Schedule”. Any schedule approved by the State Board of Education under the procedures outlines in Chapter XXI of these Rules and Regulations.

Section 5. School Day.

  • The Board of Trustees of each local school district shall establish by policy the length of a school day for kindergarten, elementary, middle/junior high, and secondary school programs. Local board policy may exceed the minimum hours established by these rules. Local board policy may also provide for an adjusted school/hour/day schedule for staff development, teacher planning, community involvement, and similar professional and development activities without written notification to and authorization by the State Board of Education (SBE) or the Wyoming Department of Education (WDE).

In no case, however, may applicable pupil/teacher contact time be less than the minimums for hours set out in subsections (i) through (iv) below. (Deviation from the following minimums require that an alternative schedule be filed with the WDE for prior approval by the SBE; see Chapter XXI, Alternative Schedules for related information.) School/hour/day schedules must be reflected and described in the district calendar submitted to WDE, as well as in any accreditation reports. The minimum annual student-teacher contact time for Wyoming public schools (kindergarten through grade 12) shall be:

(i) Kindergarten. A minimum of 450 hours.

(ii) Elementary. A minimum of 900 hours.

(iii) Middle School/Junior High. A minimum of 1050 hours.

(iv) Secondary. A minimum of 1100 hours.

Section 6. Saturday/Sunday Classes.

(a) Saturdays or Sundays may not be used as days taught unless written permission has been granted by the State Superintendent of Public Instruction. Such permission may be granted to make up days when school is dismissed because of emergency situations beyond the control of the school authorities, provided no religious minority is disadvantaged thereby.


If you have questions or concerns regarding the district snow day procedures please contact Superintendent John Weigel 307-322-3175 or 


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