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Hello #onePlatte1,

   We made it to December! Wahoo and this is a testament to the values and dedication of our students, staff, parents, and community. We are still moving forward with in-person teaching and learning and I thank you all for that!

    Two aspects that I am really working on this year are the areas of trust and communication. I feel that one leads into the other and it is the ‘dealer’s choice’ on which one to start with in order to improve. I know that there are decisions being made that you do not agree with and I hope that you have enough trust in me to communicate with me about these decisions. We are doing what we feel is best for all of our schools and we need your input. My door is always open and please feel free to chat it up with me outside of work as well. I am here to help.

     Dziowgo FamilyI am looking forward to serving you all in this new role. Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have a question. I am happy to discuss anything with you and enjoy these conversations. Thank you for being part of our district and remember, we are #onePlatte1!


Cory J. Dziowgo