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Hello #onePlatte1,

Welcome 2023! I recall when I has in high school, many moons ago, that 2023 was so far off in the future it wasn’t realisitic to think about it. Well, it is here and we are crushing it!

We have new school board members in their seats and adjusting nicely to their new roles. Please visit their school board page for any contact information that you may be needing. They will be continuing to train and orientate to the school district and are willing to serve us all.

I am also excited to see the educational growth in my own children and I hope you are excited about it as well. It appears to me that our inititatives are working and students are benefiting from the additional training we have throughout the district.

Please do not hesitate to reach out if you need anything as I am happy to help. I will continue to communicate as early and often as I can as new situations arise. Please keep the website ‘handy’ and my door is open. Thanks for all that you do and remember, we are #onePlatte1.


Cory J. Dziowgo



Updated: 1/9/2023


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Lisa made a post.
Posted: 09-11-2022

Am I missing something? This post is dated 9-15-2021 :) and is from Becca Young.

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Becca young made a post.
Posted: 09-15-2021

I know you and the board get a lot of crap when things aren’t going “good” and don’t hear much when things are going “right” but I want to Thank you and the Board on behalf of myself, my family and many many many families throughout platte county for the recent changes to the COVID policies! We are lucky to have you in the position you are in and lucky to have to the board we do. So Thanks again.

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