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Hello #onePlatte1,

I wanted to take a minute and provide an update on the upcoming staffing changes for the district. Please review the two items below as well as the text below them.

Video Update     FTE Document
  FTE Funded vs Actual FTE Chart


This upcoming fiscal year we are facing a substantial funding cut as well as some increase in expenditures for items that we are having to have. Two of these expenditures are: an increase in our health insurance premiums and our property insurance. Both of these are items we do not want to let go of as of now.

As far as staffing is concerned, the district is working to take advantage of situations that present themselves and move closer to our model funding. This funding is the base of how we operate in #onePlatte1 and something that we need to be aware of as we plan for our staffing.

On 4/19/22, the Admin Team along with two board members met with the Wyoming Department of Education and discussed:
1. School funding
2. Funded FTE vs Actual FTE

Next year, Platte #1 will be shifting Glendo and Chugwater Secondary Schools to a block schedule and will be utilizing a shared staff model for secondary students. The Admin have all worked on putting together a schedule that will still provide opportunities for those students while sharing staff. The students will not lose out on opportunities and we will move closer to living within our means. No one is losing their positions as we are taking advantage of attrition. Other schools throughout the district are making adjustments as well so we can all accomplish the same goal.


Please do not hesitate to reach out if you need anything as I am happy to help. I will continue to communicate as early and often as I can as new situations arise. Please keep the website ‘handy’ and my door is open. Thanks for all that you do and remember, we are #onePlatte1.


Cory J. Dziowgo



Updated: 4/20/2022


Meeting the Needs


Classroom Visits

Positive Communications to Staff Members


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Becca young made a post.
Posted: 09-15-2021

I know you and the board get a lot of crap when things aren’t going “good” and don’t hear much when things are going “right” but I want to Thank you and the Board on behalf of myself, my family and many many many families throughout platte county for the recent changes to the COVID policies! We are lucky to have you in the position you are in and lucky to have to the board we do. So Thanks again.

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