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Wyndi’s personal screencast recording to troubleshoot mic, camera, speaker issues in Google Meet


Videos and instruction for Google Meet from Google for Education:


PDF Parents Guide to Google Classroom:


Basic overview of Google Meet  

How to create a new meeting, ways to invite students/staff, adding a Google Meet to the Google calendar.  Using mic, camera, closed captions, and chat features.


Using Google Meet with Google Classroom

This video shows you how to add a Google Meeting code right into Google Classroom.  It also shows how to RECORD a live Google Meet, where it saves in Google Drive, and how to add it to Google Classroom for students that couldn't make the live event.


Using Google Meet with Google Calendar (older students/staff)

How to add office hours to your Google Calendar and adding that to Google Classroom so students can schedule one-on-one time.  Link for Google Meet conferencing can be added 2 different ways to meet with these students virtually. This also adds meetings to the student calendar (if they don't use a calendar-the Meet Link can be shared a different way).


Google Meet Present Screen Features

More advanced features of Google Meet.  Using the present now option to display your screen and show a slideshow, sheet, doc, etc, or to even share a website.  Preparation for this type of Google Meet should be done prior to the meeting so your resources are readily available for presenting.

Making your Google Drive Available Offline, Working on Files Offline, Selecting Specific Files to Work on Offline (it only allows most recent files, unless you do this), and Syncing to Drive Once you Re-establish an Internet Connection: