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Transportation Department

Platte County School District #1 Transportation Department

Phone Number: (307)322-3646

Transportation Director:  Blaine Eppel

Email Address:

Transportation Assistant:  Jackie Wilson

Email Address:

We would like to remind our community that safety on our school buses is our #1 priority in our School District.

Note To Parents:

Please review the bus Rules with your students.

Please have your students to the bus stop 5 Minutes prior to Scheduled pick up time.

If there is a change in ride status with your student(s), please call us at 322-3646.  DO NOT contact your driver by text message or by phone.  They are busy driving and not supposed to be on their phones.  Also, they may have a sub driver that day and would not get the message anyway.  

A note from the parent with a date and signature is required for a student to go to any stop other than their regular home stop.  This is for the safety of our students.  You may call the School that your student attends and have them write the note and then call the Transportation Department and let them know you called the School and changed the ride status of your student.

Safety First Always!

Thank you for allowing us to Transport your students!