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#onePlatte1 Board of Education: Putting in the Work

Posted Date: 04/05/2022

Platte County School District #1 Board of Education

Putting in the Work to be Successful

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Platte County School District #1 of Chugwater, Glendo, and Wheatland is proud of the work that seven volunteers are completing each and every month. The Board of Directors have committed themselves to learning beyond Monday nights and taking this task very seriously. They understand the time that it takes to do this job correctly and provide maximum benefit for our students. Thank you for your contributions to our district.

If you have not visited the School Board webpage in awhile, please take a moment to review the work that they have been completing. You will find the results of the Leadership Governance surveys that they complete each month. These documents help guide and focus the work of the school board and superintendent in order to grow the distirct and move forward as we Reach the P.E.A.K. Each month at our work session or school board meeting, we review these results in public with those in attendance. We have productive and targetted discussions on these items and they have proven beneficial.Reach the Peak logo

Another task that the board of directors has taken on is the use of Google Classroom. The use of this resource has allowed for individualized and targeted professional development to be completed throughout the week and/or month at a time that works for the board member.

Please feel free to reach out to our Board Members as they are happy to brag about our schools.