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School Board Election Page

Filing Deadline: August 10 - 29, 2022

In November of 2022, four (4) School Board seats will be voted on for the Platte County School District #1 Board of Trustees. Filing deadline is: August 10 - 29, 2022

Four Seats Available in the November 2022 Election

There are four seats available for the 2022 Elections. Expiring Terms: Travis Witt, Travis Lockman, Dixie Mount, and Beth Shepard-Hendon

Platte County Elections

Please visit the Platte County Elections page for additional information.

Questions about Running for the Board?

If you have any questions about running for the #onePlatte1 School Board, please reach out to Superintendent Dziowgo to have your questions answered.

So You Want to Be a School Board Member…

The Wyoming School Boards Association (WSBA) has a presentation that you might find helpful/useful in your pursuit for being elected as a School Board Trustee


Now that I Am Elected, Now What?

A brief guide from the WSBA for new school board members.

Challenges Facing New Board Members (WSBA 2017)

Oath of Office