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West Gets Competitive for the Holidays

Posted Date: 01/11/2022

West Gets Competitive for the Holidays

West held an Ugly Christmas Sweater Contest and boy did things get ugly. 

The votes are in and let me tell you, the winners definitely dug deep into the realm of this isn’t a Cindy Crawford kind of fashion!

Coming in with an Honorable Mention… can’t tell if he is a cousin to the grinch or maybe he likes to blend into the greens at the golf course.  Congrats to the newbie Mr. Martin!  You look so good in green!

In 3rd place, never a disappointment! She’s Santa’s number one cheerleader with all the pom poms and those famous Christmas crocs!  She even raided Mr. Schaffner’s closet for some ugly, congrats to Mrs. Schaffner!

In 2nd place, who knew they even made holiday velvet valor so hideous!  Thank goodness she’s already in a jumpsuit because, she’s for sure getting locked up by the elf police!  Not sure who will take care of her cat named Cookie though!  Congrats to Mrs. Kennedy!

And now in 1st place!  This outfit screams she finally lost it!  The star of ‘I should be working at a Christmas tree lot’ puts the others to shame!  Time traveling all the way back to 1957, when Velcro was invented, only this gal can pull of a tree skirt.  She has all the trimmings to light up the room!  Congrats to our very own Christmas Miracle, Mrs. Murphy!