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#onePlatte1 School Board Awards

Posted Date: 11/29/2021

#onePlatte1 School Board Attends WSBA

Beth and Janine A couple of weeks ago, the School Board from Platte #1 attended the Wyoming School Board Association’s (WSBA) Fall Conference in Casper. Five members were able to get away from work and attend this three-day conference to gain valuable insights into the operations and work of the School Board. During the conference, there were keynote presentations on the value of positive relationships with those around us and having the courage to tell others, “Nice bike.” The speaker, Mike Scharenbroich, was able to provide some well-needed laughs while sharing his message. These meaningful relationships are critical for members of a school district, and this is true in the realm of school boards.


Dustin Kafka Award


Dustin Kafka, along with Beth Hendon and Travis Lockman, were also presented with awards for their continued development as a school board member. Their ongoing training has proven useful for the proper function of our school board and we appreciate their continued growth.



Beth continued education award







   Beth Hendon was awarded for her 500+ hours of continued education as she has served the board for over 10 years and counting.