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WMS Micro-Grant Winner: Bluetooth Speakers

Posted Date: 12/17/2020

WMS Micro-Grant for Portable Speakers

#onePlatte1 is proud to announce the Micro-Grant process throughout the district. We have received some generous financial contributions from some local businesses and we put together a little grant package for teachers and staff to apply for. The following information is from Mrs. Fitzwater’s, Mrs. Linke-Dawson’s, and Mr. Montoya’s Classrooms and the benefits that she has received from these donations.

WMS PE Department and students were excited to get in the new portable Bluetooth speakers to use in class!  We are very grateful to be able to take our music with us indoors or out so that we can listen to music while we exercise and participate in-class activities.   Thank you for your generosity and for supporting Platte #1 with your donations.

Students with Speaker 1   Students with Speaker 2