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Room Service for #onePlatte1 Staff Provided by First State Bank

Posted Date: 12/09/2020

Room Service for #onePlatte1 Staff Provided by First State Bank

Room Service Provided by First State Bank

     Today our #onePlatte1 staff was treated to a little room service, compliments of First State Bank. These delightful snacks were ordered by all staff members of our district and were packaged with care. “We support our educators and appreciate all that they do, especially during these times.” Jeff Brown, President of First State Bank of Wheatland. What a great way to receive a token of appreciation for all staff members. Orders were taken and packaged up for delivery. There were three school board members available to help with delivery and they too enjoyed showing their appreciation. Mrs. Dixie Mount, Mrs. Shepard-Hendon, and Mr. Travis Lockman all took a portion of the delivery routes and were able to spend some time in the buildings. Overall this was a fantastic opportunity to show our support and recognition to our #onePlatte1 Staff members.

Beth and Lawanda sorting deliveries                                                              Mr. Lockman and his daughter delivering goodies

District Office Assembly line