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Mrs. Vaughn ~ Micro-Grant Award Winner

Posted Date: 11/20/2020

Mrs. Vaughn ~ Micro-Grant Award Winner

Mrs. Vaughn Micro-Grant for New Learning Centers

#onePlatte1 is proud to announce the Micro-Grant process throughout the district. We have received some generous financial contributions from some local businesses and we put together a little grant package for teachers and staff to apply for. The following information is from Mrs. Vaughn’s First Grade Classroom and the benefits that she has received from these donations.


Dear Donors,

Thank you so much for your great donation to Platte County School District #1. Because of your generosity, I am very fortunate to add to my kindergarten classroom several new math and literacy centers.  Our learning centers are a vital part of our classroom as they provide a fun way to practice and reinforce our learning objectives. In addition to the learning centers, our classroom also received a set of private learning partitions that allow all students to work independently in their own space.  The kids are SO thrilled with the new items in our classroom and look forward to using them each day. As an educator I know how truly lucky I am to live where education and a child’s needs are valued! Thank you! 


Mandy Vaughn 

Libbey Elementary


Student Center 2                  Student Center 3                         Student Center 1