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National Principal's Month: Tom Waring Principal Profile

Posted Date: 10/08/2020

National Principal's Month: Tom Waring Principal Profile


Principal Profile

Tom Waring

October is National Principal Month and we wanted to take a moment to profile one of our Administrative Cabinet Members.


Mr. Tom Waring is the principal at West Elementary in Wheatland, WY. He has had multiple roles in the district, including being the principal in Chugwater prior to coming to West. You can find Mr. Waring reading a new book, reading to find new research on how important reading is, or having multiple discussions on the importance of reading. He is a true life-long learner. 

Tom and FamilyMr. Waring is married to Wyndi, a technology assistant in the district. They have one daughter in high school and enjoy spending time watching Bryley participate in her various activities. Fall weekends can also lead to multiple hunting experiences as they are all avid outdoorsmen. If you are looking for Mr. Waring during his time off in the summer, you can find him on any number of golf courses.

"Mr. Waring is the right person at the right time for West Elementary.  He is engaged with every student in the building, and his passion for their collective and individual success is the beacon that shines from West.  That same light of learning shines in his students, and that is truly spectacular".  Dustin Kafka School Board Trustee

Thank you Mr. Waring for leading the West Elementary Bulldogs towards VICTORY!