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Kindergarten Registration 22-23

Posted Date: 04/01/2022

Kindergarten Registration 22-23

Libbey Elementary

Kindergarten Registration 2022-2023     

Welcome to Libbey! We are excited to announce Kindergarten registration for the 2022-2023 school year. Children must be 5 years old on or before August 1, 2022 to be admitted to Kindergarten. However, if your child will turn five after August 1st through September 15, 2022, they may also be considered for Kindergarten. Regardless of your child’s birthdate, ALL children will be screened to determine which (if any) Kindergarten program that they are eligible for.  Kindergarten Registration will be completed on-line. On-line registration will be open from Monday April 4th-Friday, April 29th.

Prior to registration it will be handy for you to have these documents available as you register:

*Name of 2 Emergency Contacts (besides parents) & phone number

*Medical Information

*Eye Doctor Name & phone number

*Medical Doctor Name & phone number

*Dentist Name & phone number

*Insurance Company-Company name, phone number, policy number and whose name the policy is under

*List of medications your child is currently taking

The steps for completing your child’s registration are listed below and should be fairly simple.  If you should have any questions or need assistance you may call the district Registrar’s Office at 322-3175 Ext. 5053.

Please follow these steps below to register your child for Kindergarten:

*Step 1: Take a picture from your phone of your child’s birth certificate and immunization record

and email the pictures to

*Step 2: Fill out the pre-registration form. To do this go to

*Step 3: When the pre-registration has been confirmed with birth certificate and immunization, you  will be emailed another link to complete the full registration pages.

Once the online registration dates have closed, you will then be contacted by Libbey Elementary to set up a Kindergarten Screening time for your child. Please note that ALL incoming Kindergartners will be screened prior to entry into Kindergarten. The dates for screening are June 9th and June 10th  and will take place at Libbey Elementary.

If you do not have a CERTIFIED birth certificate, you may obtain one by contacting:

Vital Records Department

Hathaway Building

Cheyenne, Wyoming 82002


This is an exciting time for students and parents! If you should have any questions, please feel free to call the Registrar’s Office at 322-3175 Ext. 5053