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Platte #1 SMART Start Plan DRAFT

Posted Date: 07/18/2020

Platte #1 SMART Start Plan DRAFT

Platte County School District #1 has been hard at work with the creation of our SMART Start Plan for the upcoming school year. The Wyoming Department of Education (WDE) is requiring that all districts have a three-tier plan for the upcoming school year to address any public health concerns that might come about from the current COVID-19 situation. Our administration, staff, community, students, and parents have all been providing their input into this plan and we wanted to share this out with the community. Remember this is a DRAFT and it is not finalized.

We welcome your input and will be hosting a School Board Workshop on Monday, July 20th at 6 pm at Wheatland High School. Social distancing will be enforced and expected during this meeting and it is limited to 250 people since it is inside. Please bring a mask and be prepared to space yourself in the seating areas. Thank you for your understanding and for ensuring the safety of our community. We are working through the logistics of broadcasting the meeting and that information will be provided if we can accommodate live-streaming the meeting.

Here are two important links:

Platte #1 SMART Start Plan                             Initial Survey Results

Thank you all for your input, communication, and understanding.

And remember...#onePlatte1

Cory J. Dziowgo

Acting Superintendent & Principal of the Wheatland Middle School