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WMS Wants Your Opinion Requesting Courses for Next School Year

Posted Date: 04/22/2020

WMS Wants Your Opinion Requesting Courses for Next School Year

Staff, Parents, Guardians, Students, and West Elementary,

It is that great time of year that we get to work through the requests of courses for next school year at The​ Wheatland Middle School. These are just requests and we are looking at reviewing what we are offering for non-Core Courses. This document​ will outline what you need to review with your students as well as the survey for requesting your courses. Again, these are just requests.

There are also some times set aside for virtual meetings to answer any questions that you might have. These are totally optional and you do NOT have to attend. Just another resource.

You can complete the survey whenever you feel like you understand what we are looking for. If you want to change your course requests, the program will send a response receipt to your student's account. They can edit it from there. You CANNOT take this without logging into your School Google account. We only need your students to submit course requests (one per student).

I am looking forward to having the Class of 2027!

Thanks again and I look forward to seeing you around the next corner.

Cory J. Dziowgo

Principal ~ Wheatland Middle School

Wyoming Association of Secondary Schools President 2015-2017

Striving for success, one student at a time!