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Erate RFP FY19-20

Erate RFP – FY 2019-2020


RFP Posted: 12/11/2019


Vendor Questions and Answers (created 12/11/2018 – Last edited 12/13/18):

I saw that you are requesting Meraki brand APs. Are you completing a deployment of Meraki?

Platte1’s is already a completed Meraki environment.

Are you open to other manufacturers?

In our RFP, we state “or equivalent”. We are open to other manufacturers.

Are you requested installation services?

No, we are not requesting installation services.

Will a site survey be required?

No, not at this time.

Will you require an onsite controller or a cloud hosted controller?

We currently utilize a cloud controller. This is the preferred method.

Are you seeking high density WAVE2, low density WAVE2 or the least expensive AP money will buy?

We are seeking high density WAVE2.