Students Compete at the 2018 Central Regional Science Fair

Posted Date: 02/09/2018

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Below are the 2018 Central Regional Science Fair Results that was held in Casper Wyoming:

Animal and plant science                                                                                 Pictured are the category winners from left to right: Megan Sagner
1st – Megan Sagner: How Good is a Horse’s Short term memory                  (Chugwater), Riley Lebsack, McKenzie Ferguson,  Lupita Perez,
2nd – Roberta Cordingly: Hooves of Equine                                                   Nevaeh Kueble, Hyannie Fausto, Kade Preuit, Curtis Nickle,
3rd – Robert Hendon: Plants vs. Porosity                                                        Ally Van Why (Chugwater), Kaycee Hockley, Serenity Jones, Jake Hicks.
Biochem/ cellular/ bioinformatics                                                                  
1st – McKenzie Ferguson: The Brown Apple Project
2nd – Tess Palen: Just the Fats Ma’am
3rd – Dana Gibson: Temperature Effect on Catalase Enzyme

Behavioral and Social Science
1st – Riley Lebsack: Psychology of the Stars
2nd – Kayla Beaman: Geometric Proportions
3rd – Americus Killion – Endowment Effect

Chemistry and Chemical Energy
1st – Nevaeh Kueble: Compression Effects on Dissolution Rates
2nd – Meile Chebotarev: It’s a sticky Situation
3rd – Grace Plante: Clean Hard Cash

Earth and Environmental Science
1st – Allie VanWhy: One Scoop of Soil
2nd – Daniel Collins: Feeling the Vibe
3rd – Bradley Rittel: Whole lotta Shakin’ Goin’ on

Engineering mechanics/ materials science/ Energy:Physical
1st – Kade Preuit, Hyannie Fausto, Curtis Nickle: Thermal Storage Solutions
3rd – McCrea Call: What Lights you up?

Biomedical and Health Science
1st – Lupita Perez: Sleep Patterns Associated with Alzheimer’s Diagnosis
2nd – Autumn Boyd: Effectiveness of Heartburn Treatment
3rd – Ashlyn Huffer: Better Balance

1st – Jake Hicks: Where’s the bacteria

Physics and Astronomy
1st – Kaycee Hockley: Arduino Refractometer
2nd – Emilli Anderson: Bouncing on the Green
3rd – Patricio Pena: Shocking

Robotics and Intellegent Machines
1st – Serenity Jones: Lasers Never Lie
2nd – Cade Connell: Find My Arrow
3rd – Deacan Heinz: Decibel Detector

Special Awards
Most Innovative Energy Project
Kade Preuit, Hyannie Fausto, Curtis Nickle
**Sponsored by Wheatland REA
Best Real life Application: Cade Connell
** Sponsored by Johnson Livestock
Best data collection and display: Lupita Perez
** Sponsored by Steve and Merry Kathryn Burnett
Most Original research topic: Kaycee Hockley
**Harnish Veterinary Clinic
2018 Best of Show: Lupita Perez
**Award sponsored by the Natrona County Education Association