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PCSD#1 Recognizes CTE Teachers and Their Students

Posted Date: 09/25/2017

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Congratulations to the Career Technical Education (CTE) teachers across the district for their student’s outstanding performance on their technical skills attainment tests last spring.  These are nationally normed tests that specifically measure the depth of knowledge and application of the classroom curriculum and are used by WDE to measure the effectiveness of our CTE programs. Students that have had a series of three vocational courses take these tests.                     

Here are the results from last spring:

Tyler Lay, Chugwater Ag students – 100% proficiency                                                                  
Kevin Teten, Glendo Ag students – 100 % proficiency                                                                                              
Brice McIntosh, WHS Ag students – 100% proficiency
Marina Hadley, WHS Family and Consumer Science students – 100% proficiency
Matt Hazen, WHS Construction and Architecture students—100% proficiency
Chase Christensen, WHS Accounting students  – 100% proficiency
Chase Christensen, WHS Digital Graphics students – 93.2% proficiency

This is incredible!  When you see these students and teachers, give them a pat on the back and let them know we appreciate their efforts!  Our kids deserve the best and that is obviously what they are getting from our CTE vocational programs.  Keep up the great work!