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Mission, Vision, Beliefs


In 2014 the school board adopted “Reach the PEAK” as it’s vision statement. This statement is reviewed annually by the board to ensure it encompasses the direction the district is moving. Each fall each building reviews it’s mission and vision Reach the PEAK logostatements to make sure they align with the district’s. 

The word PEAK originated from four areas of focus for the district’s students and staff: Prepared, Engaged, Active, and Knowledgable. Visually it captures the most geographically dominant piece of our skyline, which is Laramie Peak.

The essence of “Reach the PEAK” is an understanding that education is a journey for all involved. This journey captures the process of Continuous Improvement. It is a long, arduous climb to be the best that each of us can be – students, staff, parents, the community. There is no shortcut to sustained excellence. 

By definition “Continuous School Improvement is a cyclical process intended to help groups of people in a system – from a class to a school district or even a network of many districts – set goals, identify ways to improve, and evaluate change” (EdWeek, 2/2018). Sustainable excellence is only accomplished by “looking at problems (or potential problems) as a system rather than isolated episodes; working to improve policies and processes within that system; repeatedly testing assumptions about the causes of problems and their possible solutions; and involving those most affected by changes . . . in deciding what tweaks to make” (EdWeek, 2018)


Established in 2014 along with the Vision work, the Mission encompasses the focus of the school board in ensuring all stakeholders are prepared, engaged, active and knowledgable in realizing the value of a lifelong education.Beliefs and expectations 1718

“The mission of Platte County School District #1 is to ensure that each student is actively engaged in learning, connected to the school and broader community, and prepared for an ever-changing world.”


PCSD #1 School Board Beliefs

We believe that school should teach students not only strong academics and the value of knowledge, but also life skills that will allow them to think, research, problem solve, be curious and be creative. We believe that schools should also teach students the personal values of responsibility, citizenship and respect for one another.

We believe that a good school is one that prepares students for a lifelong journey of learning that will help them overcome adversity and see success in their efforts. We believe that every student WILL be successful and will nurture that success in a safe, positive, fair, inviting learning environment that provides differentiated, challenging, and effective instruction.

We believe that a successful student is able to apply and expand their knowledge to become independent, responsible, productive citizens. We believe that growth happens when students enjoy learning, overcome adversity, and problem-solve by collaborating and communicating with those around them in a respectful and respected manner.

We believe that an effective classroom is one in which students are engaged, challenged to grow scholastically and supported in a non-judgmental environment. We believe it is necessary to create classrooms where students are encouraged to set goals and develop dreams but understand the responsibility and respect to lifelong learning that is necessary to achieve them.

We believe that a good school/central office staff member (i.e. teacher, principal, supervisor) is one who creates a high level of learning in a positive environment for all students that incorporates focused communication, individual student attention, and accountability in a respectful, team atmosphere. We believe that this is best accomplished by being highly prepared, conveying clear objectives, collaborating positively with peers and maintaining a high level of professionalism.

We believe that an effective school faculty/central office division is one that produces a healthy and safe learning environment by clearly communicating expectations and providing dynamic leadership that will elevate the entity. We believe that committing to a culture of personal accountability to each student’s unique qualities and abilities is necessary to create this environment.

We believe that a quality instructional program includes effective teaching that stimulates and motivates positive, purposeful learning. We believe student potential will be best realized with a curriculum that challenges students and a diverse set of learning opportunities that encourages and positively promotes each individual student’s success.

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Platte County School District #1 is on Facebook.  In an attempt to increase communication with our parents, community, staff and students, PCSD #1 is using Facebook.  CLICK HERE or on the Facebook logo to go to our page and 'Like' us to receive updated information on our students, programs, or school-related activities.  The use of Facebook will allow us to post additional pictures, longer stories, and more in-depth information than we currently can using our schools and district's websites. If you have suggestions for either this webpage or our Facebook page, please contact us at 322-3175.

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Platte County School District 1
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Wheatland, Wyoming 82201

The PCSD#1 Administration Building Office Hours are:
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Phone: 307-322-3175
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Keep In Touch With Your Child's School Information


Staying in touch and informed on your son or daughters education is very important. Platte County SD 1 uses the PowerSchool student information system as an easy, efficient way for parents to get a wide variety of information. From grades and attendance to test scores, PowerSchool offers a simple online option for parents to track their students achievement.  Please click on the PowerSchool button above to access this information.

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Comprehensive Improvement Plans submitted to WDE

Below are links to the Comprehensive Improvement Plans of each of the six Platte County #1 schools. These plans outline the goals and efforts to increase student achievement to meet the Wyoming Accountability in Education Act as set by the legislature. These plans will be submitted for review to the Wyoming Department of Education. Each school will continue to update these plans as a part of our continuous improvement process to help us “Reach the PEAK.” There are many opportunities for staff and community members to be involved in helping us improve. If you are interested, contact a building principal or take advantage of the many opportunities to provide feedback on our efforts.

Libbey Elementary School Improvement Plan 2017-18

Glendo Schools Improvement Plan 2017-18

Chugwater Schools Improvement Plan 2017-18

West Elementary Improvement Plan 2017-18

Wheatland Middle School Improvement Plan 2017-18

Wheatland High School Improvement Plan 2017-18

Peak High School Improvement Plan 2017-18

District Policy Review

On Monday, March 19th, the District Policy Review Committee presented policy GCN (Evaluation of Instructional Staff) to the Board of Trustees for 1st reading.  Changes to this policy will consolidate language of policies GCN-1, GCN-1-R, and GCN-2 into GCN and eliminates the duplication in policy AFC.  Please CLICK HERE to view the strikethrough version of policy GCN. This policy will be presented for final and 2nd reading at the April 9th regular board meeting or after all editing of language is complete. The District Policy Review Committee is currently reviewing policies EEACC and JFCC (Student Conduct on School Buses).
Please email Superintendent Dennis Fischer at or call 307-322-3175 with any questions you may have.